Sense.Chat launches blockchain’s first provably secure video messenger app on iOS and Android.

Announced in a press release on Tuesday, Sense.Chat is a dapp (decentralized application) built on Block.One’s EOS blockchain.

The application offers everything you might expect with a messenger app. Users can text and video chat with one another over data or wifi, connecting instantly over the EOS blockchain. Sense.Chat also offers an in-application cryptocurrency wallet, allowing users to send and receive cryptocurrencies while chatting.

The dapp is the first of its kind to offer trustless encryption. Users can encrypt messages with their recipient’s public key, then, if their EOS active permission private key is loaded, the recipient can then decrypt the message.

Speaking in the press release, Sense.Chat CEO Crystal Rose asserted that users “shouldn’t have to compromise [their] digital-self to have a conversation online.” She added:

“With blockchain technology, the digital world can react in the same way as the physical world. Conversations on Sense.Chat are like having conversations in real life. No middlemen spying on your message or selling your data.”

In a time where privacy is an increasing concern among users — WhatsApp and Facebook continue to make headlines for disclosing their users’ private data — Sense.Chat is a welcome change. The application is fully peer-to-peer, and has no central servers upon which users’ data can be stored.

Ethereum to EOS — A History of Sense

Sense began in 2015 as Sensay, a chatbot that allowed users to connect with strangers to chat about any topic they desired.

Not to miss out on the ICO craze of 2017, Sense raised $15 million for its Ethereum-based SENSE token with the idea that users could earn while they chat. Sensay became CryptoDM, an inbox that allowed users to earn digital assets from their social media following.

This progression led to the creation of Sense.Chat, and, citing speed and scalability concerns, the team migrated to the EOS blockchain in late 2018. Users with the old SENSE ERC-20 token can migrate to the EOS-based SNS token at a rate of 1:3. 

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