Privacy-focused Horizen announces a partnership with Hot Import Nights — the world’s largest automotive event — with the hope that its native cryptocurrency, ZEN, will lead the way to a cash-free future.

Hot Import Nights (HIN) events boast attendance of over 50,000 consumers, and dozens of sponsors and influencers. The partnership, announced in press releases on Friday, offers a chance for Horizen’s cryptocurrency ZEN to garner mainstream attention.

HIN plans to use ZEN in its endeavor to become fully cash-free — encouraging attendees to use the cryptocurrency to pay vendors and gain access to its influencer guests. In addition, HIN will offer VIP access to ZEN wallet holders and give out prizes to those who use it at their events.

HIN Director of Partnerships Kathryn Miclat described how blockchain’s potential attracted the interest of both the company and its attendees. Regarding the partnership, she added:

“Horizen’s dual commitment to security and functionality make it an obvious choice for HIN as we look to start accepting cryptocurrency for payment. Our partnership with Horizen not only provides our community with a way to use digital assets to enhance their experience at our events, but also lets us play a leading role in bringing cryptocurrency to the automotive lifestyle market.”

Furthermore, HIN will work with Horizen to design a utility token that will support on-chain car registrations, virtual reality gaming, and rewards for products and services that Hot Import Nights has to offer.

A Responsible Privacy Platform

Horizen is a blockchain platform with a focus on privacy technology. It is built using zk-SNARKs technology, and includes end-to-end encryption at the node level. The first use-case, their ZEN cryptocurrency, offers shielded addresses that obscure balances, sender and recipient data, as well as transacted amounts.

They are currently working on a number of applications, including ZenChat, a secure messaging app; and ZenPub, which allows anonymous and censorship-resistant publication of media.

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