Ethereum-based e-commerce startup WAAM announced on Tuesday a strategic partnership with global fashion broadcasting station FashionTV.

Announced in a press release, the partnership will see FashionTV implement the WAAM protocol across all its channels, while introducing the WAAM token as an accepted currency in its app.

In addition, inFASH — the fashion social network who partnered with WAAM in early 2018 — will collaborate with the FashionTV network. inFASH will gain access to FashionTV’s significant audience, estimated at around 1 billion people worldwide; and FashionTV’s users will be exposed to inFASH, which allows its users to earn money for interacting with the platform, and receive special sales and discounts when they shop.

FashionTV, founded in France in 1997, prides itself on being “the only TV equivalent to fashion print media”. The network boasts a global reach with 31 satellite and 2,000 cable systems across 6 continents.

The WAAM Platform

WAAM is an Ethereum-based platform that seeks to optimize the e-commerce industry. It is designed not only to help encourage collaborations between retail and brand partners, such as inFASH and FashionTV, but also reward users for their activity on the platform, perhaps encouraging them to spend more in the process.

The platform provides retail partners with access to its marketing database, allowing for better product targeting and a direct communication channel. Users — whose activity, interests and transactions on the WAAM platform are recorded off-chain — can choose to keep their data private, or agree to share it with retailers and brands in exchange for the WAAM ERC-20 token, which can be spent across all apps on the WAAM platform.


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