Blockchain game development platform Enjin announced on Wednesday it has joined the Foundation for Interwallet Operability to accelerate the adoption of blockchain gaming.

One of the largest barriers to mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming (and cryptocurrency in general) is the clunky user experience.

Indeed, with its Blockchain SDK for Unity and Enjin Platform releases, the team at Enjin have opened the doors for developers to create blockchain-powered games and economies without writing any blockchain code.

But as it stands, users must battle with unreadable 64-character addresses to transfer tokens and assets, often needing multiple wallets to carry assets from different chains. In addition, the current user experience is unforgiving — a lack of any obvious ‘cancel transaction’ or ‘refund’ capability results in a lot of costly mistakes.

‘The PayPal of Blockchain’

The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) is an organization composed of leading wallets, exchanges, and payment processors; that seeks to tackle these issues with the development of the FIO Protocol. Its members include Coinomi, KeepKey, MyCrypto, Shapeshift, and Trust Wallet.

Wallets and exchanges can connect to the blockchain-neutral FIO Protocol — a kind of ‘service layer’ that greatly enhances the user experience. Users can set FIO addresses, similar to a username, as well as request payments, refunds, and more. For more information, the FIO released a short demo video, which is embedded below.

A short demo video explaining the need for the FIO Protocol

Enjin’s integration with FIO will allow users to more easily transfer gaming assets between wallets, other players, and other games in Enjin’s so-called ‘Multiverse‘ — an interconnected set of Ethereum-based games including War of Crypto and Forest Knight.

Maxim Blagov, CEO at Enjin, expressed his excitement at the development, reiterating that “normalizing the use of human-readable addresses is paramount to achieving long-term, mass adoption of blockchain.” He continued:

“We are proud to work alongside FIO to push for mainstream accessibility of this technology and work toward a decentralized future that everyone can partake in with zero learning curve. The FIO Protocol is an essential tool to make this happen.”

As a celebration of Enjin Wallet’s integration into the FIO Protocol, the Foundation is hosting a giveaway of an ‘FIO Express’ token. The token will be usable in 22 Enjin Games, including Age of Rust and Cats in Mechs. Details on the giveaway may be found here.

Enjin made headlines last month when it was announced that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will ship with an Enjin-powered wallet. Indeed, the company seems to be positioning itself at the forefront of blockchain gaming development and adoption.

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