Unity has listed the Blockchain SDK by Enjin — the Ethereum-based blockchain game development platform — on its Asset Store.

Blockchain development has been made available to 4 and a half million Unity developers through Enjin’s Blockchain SDK. With it, developers can create blockchain assets as ERC-1155 tokens, backed by real value in the form of the ENJ token, and introduce complex game mechanics through the use of transactions on the Ethereum network.

Enjin is a blockchain game development platform that allows developers easy access to the creation and integration of tokenized gaming assets for their digital economies. Games using the platform already include War of Crypto and mobile dapp Forest Knight.

The listing of the Blockchain SDK on Unity’s Asset Store is yet another great success for Enjin. The company made headlines earlier this month when it was announced that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will ship with an Enjin-powered wallet.

Enjin CEO Maxim Blagov expressed his delight at the listing, describing it as “an honor for [the] Blockchain SDK to be featured in Unity.” He added:

“As the world’s premier game development platform, the popularity Unity has achieved is absolutely mind-blowing. We look forward to many years of fruitful partnership with Unity and their talented pool of game developers.

All games, developers, and players can benefit from managing their items on the blockchain — the technology has the potential to drastically redefine and augment the gaming industry.”

Unity is the world’s largest game development platform, boasting over 25 platforms across mobile, desktop, console, and more. Indeed, it might not be long before blockchain assets start to be seen on the likes of PS4, XBox One, or Nintendo Switch.

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